About Me

About Me

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Favorite Candy Bar: Snickers

Favorite Colors: Blue & Yellow

Reason I got into photography : The sign language class was full.  Its true. I wanted to take a class at the local junior college my senior year of high school.  The class I wanted to take was full so I took a beginning photographer class with my dad.  It was awesome!  I loved watching the plain white paper develop into beautiful black and white images in the dark room.  I would spend hours in the photography lab and it would seem like moments.

Favorite TV Shows: Castle, NCIS, Gray's Anatomy, Private Practice, Parenthood & Bones

Favorite subject to photograph: Hmmm.....that is a tough one. 
I LOVE photographing children and babies.  I love capturing their cute little dimples and adorable smiles.  I love helping parents remember the missing teeth and the crooked funny smiles of their toddlers.
I LOVE photographing families.  Photographing the relationships between siblings and parents is both challenging and rewarding.  I love being able to photograph the same family every year to show how everyone has changed and grown.
I LOVE photographing weddings.  No two weddings are ever the same.  Beautiful brides and hansom nervous grooms, cute little flower girls and gorgeous flowers!  What more could one ask for?!