What is the number one question that I get from every client? ~
"What should we wear?"

The simple answer?  Wear what you love!

Of course there are some suggestions I would add to that:

-All white or all black shirts are fine, but if you're looking for a more bright and cheerful portrait add some color to your session.  Busy prints and patterns can take the focus away from your faces, so use them sparingly. 

-Accessories can add personality and style to your portraits.  Hats, scarves, chunky necklaces and/or furry hoods can be lots of fun!

-If you do wear shoes, make sure they are nice shoes that improve your outfit.  Nothing detracts from a beautiful family portrait like a cruddy pair or old torn sneakers.  Bare feet are usually an option.

-Large groups look best in similar colors.  Please don't all wear the same shirt.  I have proof that it doesn't look good, just ask my mom!  Try finding clothing in similar shades of the same color, or even different colors but the same style.  When scheduling your appointment I can give you more ideas on what to wear.

If you need help in making your final clothing decision please bring two or three outfit choices with you to your session.  I can help you choose an outfit that is the most flattering for you.  The most important thing, when choosing your outfits, is where what you love and what makes you comfortable!