Session Locations

At Your Home

Your home, where else would your children feel so...well "at home"?  Having a session done in your own surroundings has many benefits.  You and your kids will feel more at ease, especially when you have all of your own clothing and essentials close enough to grab if and when they are needed.  Because your children feel more at ease those natural smiles that you love will come so much easier!

Please don't stress out if your home isn't "perfect" like you have company coming.  I'm a mom of three young children who can devastate a living room in 9 seconds flat!  Trust me, I know what its like. 

If the weather is permitting, we will be able to photograph you in your home and outdoors.


We will be photographing your session in a location that you chose.  Parks, gardens, downtown, our by historic and beautiful buildings, all are great choices for your session.  Depending on the look and style you want for your session I can recommend several locations.
When we are on-location its a good idea to bring small toys and snacks to comfort or distract a small child.


I have two options for a studio session.  I have my own home studio and I have a portable studio that can be brought to you!  Just ask me for more details if you need help deciding what would work out best for you and your family.