Saturday, August 16, 2008

For those of you who haven't heard, we have moved to Modesto. Now, don't worry. I'm still available for portrait sessions by appointment, just like always. I will be scheduling appointments in the Sonora area at least twice a month. Call or email soon, if you are interested in booking one of the September time slots.

Now for the contest! While I was moving, I threw all of the loose change I found in a cup. After the house was completely empty, I found 2 cups of change! That's 16 ounces of cold, hard cash! (are coins considered cash or just paper money?) Before I count it, I thought it would be fun to guess how much money I found. And then I thought it would be fun for everyone to guess. So here is your chance!

How to enter & what you'll win:
Post a comment with your guess on the amount. The person with the closest amount will receive a gift certificate worth DOUBLE the amount in the cup! That's right, DOUBLE!

Want more than one chance to win?
Tell all of your friends to come and guess. When they guess, have them add your name in their comment. If they are the winner, you will BOTH receive gift certificates! How cool is that?!?!

What about the losers?
Well, there are no losers on my blog! Everyone who posts a guess will receive a FREE gift! No purchase necessary!


Diane Conn said...

My name is Diane C.
my guess is that there is $7,364.28

My friend Mike H. told me about your blog and I think you rock!

Something like that would work!

Hamlie said...

Julie H.

Diane C. told me about your blog.

reginaalderman said...

Hi Diane,

My guess is that there is $72.53 in your cup.

Regina Alderman 770-3176

shammari said...

My name is Steven H. and Kevin C. told me about your blog. It is my respectable opinion that the sixteen fluid ounces of coinage will come to the amount of $32.21. Diane Conn is the most reputable photographer I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Yee-hah, My name is Joseph C. and my good friend Vincent H. told me about your awesome contest. My conjecture is that you have about $36.48 in them there cups.

ocean said...

Ocean A. my guess $16.49

Alyson said...

Hey Diane, I will miss seeing your smiling face at pick-up time everyday!! Come visit, will ya?? I'm guessing $40.23

-Alyson M.

Diane Conn said...