Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Idea ~ bathroom baskets

As a wedding photographer I am constantly reading and watching other blogs for inspiration for my future weddings.  Occasionally I come across ideas that are really NEAT!  I find myself saying, "Next time I get married, I'm totally doing that!"  Then I realized I'm cool with the husband I have, next wedding for me.
But that doesn't mean I can't share my find with you!

Today I found someone who created Bathroom Baskets for their wedding reception.  They are baskets filled with items someone might need at a party but may have forgotten or not thought about bringing. Some of the items are
Lint Roller 
Shout Wipes 
Tide-To-Go Stick 
Hand Lotion 
Colgate Wisps (mini disposable toothbrushes) 

She even has cute poems to place next to the baskets to let guests know that they are free to use what ever they need.  To see the rest of the list and read the poem check out Little Miss Wedding Planner.

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