Monday, March 28, 2011

Craig & Hayley ~ Oakland LDS Temple Wedding & Tracy Reception

This is Craig.
I use to change his diapers.  Taking his wedding portraits makes me feel OLD.  I'm just saying. 

This is Hayley.
I just met her last summer.  I think my cousin chose well, don't you?  Welcome to the family Hayley!

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Emily in Wonderland said...

I"ve only shot at the Oakland Temple once as a working photographer (rather than there just for fun) but the couple wasn't LDS, they just liked how the Temple looked and the bride wore an immodest dress so I wasn't pulling the wool over on anybody when I posted the pictures. lol I would love, love love to do my LDS weddings! I will get to do one this weekend at least! The wedding in DC is at the DC Temple! Funny how the only temple weddings I've shot have been at Sac or DC. They are kind of far apart from each other! (I shot this bride's big sister's wedding last year!) I"ve shot at SLC, but only bridals, not a wedding. Siiigh. I really want more temple clients. I even went so far as to put up fliers at the Institute, but no go. :(